Managed Care

Maximize Your Managed-Care Relationships and the Return on Your Investments

Managed care today has a profound impact on pharmaceutical and medical product companies’ success. Manufacturers are spending $40 billion annually on managed care rebates and for any individual company, the annual spend on rebating far exceeds the total spend on sales and marketing combined.

The latest trends indicate that the power wielded by payers will only continue to increase: payers are taking bigger rebates and employing utilization management techniques more frequently with both physicians and patients. Only one out of 10 drug launches are successful today – mostly due to the restrictions imposed by managed care. Given these market dynamics, pharmaceutical manufacturers are examining their investments with utmost scrutiny:

  • Are the current contracts profitable?
  • Which areas would benefit most from greater access – and what would be the cost implications?
  • What type of value proposition would help us win access?
  • How should our sales and marketing investments complement or supplement our contracting efforts?

Create and Monitor Access Strategies That Boost Your Business

ZS Managed Care Services help life sciences companies substantially increase the revenue, market share and profitability of working with managed care. We partner with our clients to:

  • Create an effective product access strategy that determines the right level of patient access and investments based on business value, product lifecycle and market dynamics
  • Segment payers based on their desired value proposition and how they make formulary decisions
  • Design the right contract terms for the right payers
  • Collect and manage contract data to reduce costly errors, boost compliance and minimize revenue leakage
  • Build managed-care dashboards that identify opportunities and provide insight for decision making
  • Arm sales reps with current data on payers, contracts and rebates to maximize contract pull-through
  • Optimize local sales and marketing promotion strategies by factoring in the payer environment

Why Partner with ZS to Improve Your Managed-Care Strategy?

  • We possess deep expertise in managed-care contracting. Because ZS works in the entire spectrum of life sciences sales and marketing (of which managed-care contracting is just one part), we can help ensure your payer strategy reflects your overall brand strategy
  • Our industry-leading processes and tools help ensure rapid deployment and flawless execution of managed-care strategies
  • We provide the critical contract information your sales representatives need in discussions with managed-care organizations and physicians
  • ZS’s proprietary Rebate Designer software is unmatched at providing valuations of contract strategies, and our Web-based managed-care dashboard (ARTiS™) enables you to easily track contract performance