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The Critical Role of Forecasting in Business Planning

The inherent uncertainty of the business environment complicates planning and coordination of essential business functions. Understanding fundamental market drivers and their influence in shaping product demand is integral to good business planning and full utilization of company resources.

Additionally, revenue and profitability forecasts are critical for optimizing resource allocation across a product portfolio and driving marketing strategy. Underestimate product potential and you could miss significant opportunities due to manufacturing shortages or lack of budget. Set the numbers too high and you risk overspending, affecting sales force motivation, disappointing investors, and potentially missing out on better opportunities.

Forecasting involves more than generating a series of numbers. The art of forecasting balances the ability to account for significant market factors with simplicity and transparency, empowering your organization to make optimal business decisions.

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Create Robust Forecasts that Drive Your Marketing Strategy

ZS will help you understand the market potential of your products and work with you to establish clear and robust processes that result in transparent, credible forecasts and efficient resource utilization.

Our approach to forecasting accounts for the unique market complexities and life cycle considerations of each product. We customize our tools and processes to provide wide-ranging benefits:

  • Our process fosters knowledge sharing among relevant stakeholders to better frame the business question, select the right approach, and guide key assumptions
  • We cater our forecasts to the needs of the individual customers – from marketing, strategic planning, and business development teams to sales operations and finance units
  • Our forecasting models allow you to quantify uncertainties in market assumptions and run scenarios that measure effects on potential demand, going beyond revenue numbers to truly build a solid foundation for your marketing strategy
  • We provide training and extensive documentation along with user-friendly tools – including our web-based ZS Forecast Manager – so our clients can successfully adopt the forecasting process within their organization
  • Our forecasts fit seamlessly into our portfolio management capabilities, helping our clients analyze a product’s value in the context of their entire offering

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Related Content: ZS and Scarsin Partnership